Thursday, April 19, 2007

So. Tired.

I had a GREAT time at the Knitting Expo. I spent far too much money and got to pet lots of super cool yarns. I got some really nice yarn, and sock! (well, cheap for sock blockers).
I loved spending the whole day knitting, or talking about knitting, or looking at yarn, or winding yarn, or buying yarn!!

I've decided that instead of posting pictures of yarns as I get them I'll post pictures of the actual projects I'm knitting! Makes more sense to me. And it's not so boring.

I didn't get a chance to wear my Berkies because I didn't finish my socks in time. They are finished now and I'll post pictures later.

Hmmm....what picture to post. How about this one?

My pup

(notice the cat sleeping on his blanket by him)

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