Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Here they are!
This is the first pair I've ever had...even though I've wanted them for years. These are from QVC and they put them on an easy pay plan. So I only have to pay $15 for the next two months...that's how I finally got my hands (or feet) on them.
I know that my white socks aren't very pretty but I only have one pair of socks I've made so I'm still wearing store bought socks (I know...for shame!).

These will be so great with my handknit socks this summer! I'm very excited.
They are a skoshe too big for an ideal fit I think, but I will still wear them. Next time though I'll get one size smaller.


J. Denae said...

Rock on Berkie Girl! I'm hoping for a pair for my birthday to show off my happy socks.

Anonymous said...

They look just fine with white socks, but they must look amazing with knit socks. Black socks would be lovely with these gorgeous sandals!

Anonymous said...

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