Sunday, March 11, 2007

Generosity is a dying art

I went through my stash the last couple days ( to give my sock yarns room to breathe) and bagged up all the acrylic yarn I have. I ended up with a green leaf bag full. My plan is to take it to the second hand store.

I made the mistake of letting my husband see me doing it. He proceeded to complain about how even if each skein only cost two dollars, that was still a lot. And why did I buy it if I wasn't going to use it? And why did I have so much just piling up? I told him he didn't understand because he's not a knitter. I said it is totally normal and mine is actually small compared to what I've seen.

I bought most of it when I first started knitting and I didn't mind using I prefer animal fibers. I also inherited a bunch of it from my Grandmother when she moved into a home after my Grandpa died. So I didn't actually buy at least a third of it.

Apparently, having him see what I was getting rid of? Just as bad as having him see what I'm keeping....which he didn't. Thank goodness for small favors.

AND he was upset that I was going to give it away, suggesting that I put it on Ebay. Why is it such a bad thing to want to give something to Goodwill that I don't want and will never use?

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