Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Yarn Management

I did some organizing this weekend so I thought I'd put some pictures here for looking back. Someday I plan to have a "real" knitting room that's not part of my bedroom :) In that room I want to use my knitting stuff as a display and to decorate, but for now I'm forced to have it hidden and less organized.
I used to have ALL my needles in an old knitting bag hanging from the back of my closet door...along with the shoe holder. Now my straights are looking pretty on top of my book case...

The dpns and circulars I put into a 6 drawer organizer with the drawers labeled according to size. I saw this idea on a blog...I think Wendy's. I have lots of room to expand, which is always good!

I have LOTS of loose patterns that I've torn out of magazines and printed off the web, so I put them into binders and put them on my bookcase. The problem came when I ran out of room on my shelf that holds my knitting books and stuff. I already had a little file cart so I decided to put it to use! I already had the 6 drawer thing too. I made labels for each category with my Dymo labeler and Voila....organized. I did leave the patterns already in the binders where they are. I plan to go through my magazines and pull out some patterns. The binders are in the bottom drawer of the file cart.

Now I have room on my book case for almost all my knitting books!

Last but not least, my yarn stash is in an old dresser we got from my sister-in-law that's in my closet. Right now I've got them organized by weight but I may have to rearrange once I get more sock yarn. It's pretty packed in there. I have a big plastic tub with a lid FULL of worsted that I won't show, I do have my pride! I also have some in a hanging shoe organizer but it's almost full now.
Where will I go when it's full?
I don't know. Maybe I'll take the Harlot's advice and start stuffing the sleeves of my unused clothing.
I'm thinking I might go through and bag up all my acrylic and get rid of it. I don't really like to use it any more.

That is all.

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