Thursday, March 8, 2007

The nice man in the big brown truck (you know the one) brought me these today....

Lantern Moon Sox Stix!

One of the sets is not the size I I called their customer service number and they were very nice. They are sending me the right size and I will then send them the wrong set back and they will pay for's all good.

Unfortunately the size they didn't send is the one I'm currently using on my sock so I won't be able to use them just yet. Oh, well.


J. Denae said...

They're so pretty!! I am totally jealous... though my cat just gnawed one of my bamboo needles so maybe it's time to buy new ones... Happy sock knitting from one Jill D. to another!!

infinityexplorer said...

how are you liking the lantern moons vs say other wood stix... I have been on the fence about ordering them but they are soooooo nice... any info would be appreciated :o)